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What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a concept used in business that describes who the ideal customer for a product is – which can include your social media campaign as a whole.

This is the person who, on paper, is most likely to buy from you, most likely to like and share your posts and most likely to become highly engaged with what you’re doing.

A buyer person is often written like a fictional biography – as though you were creating a fictional character for a movie script.

That means that you’re going to take into account their age, their sex and their gender… but you’ll also go one step further than this by asking yourself what their hobbies and interests might be, where they are likely to spend their time, what job they are likely to have.

Now picture this person as a real person. You might even be able to base it on someone you know. Give them a name. Going forward, create your marketing plan targeted for the group of people you vision for your business or businesses.

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